Travel is an ever growing industry and your company probably is providing some memorable trips for your customers. You also are successful in retaining your customers. To grow big in your industry, you need a constant flow of new customers and travelers. 

There are several ways you can popularize your services to attract new travel customers. Social media, online advertising, trade shows, print media advertising are a few means. However, the advertising trends are changing, and online media has become the major source of consumption for potential travelers.  

Digital marketing assumes an important role of growing for every travel business. Your target audience is online-on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, Twitter. But how would you reach them?  

While sweepstakes, discounts, and offers appeal to the customers, it will not work every time. We at Capital Lead have a different approach. Our premium lead generation relies on inbound marketing campaigns. The leads we generate are organic, genuine, and superior in quality. They stand a better chance of conversions. 

There are no magic formulas or cheap tactics that we use to get the numerous leads we have been successful in generating for our clients thus far. All our leads come from the fully responsive landing pages that we resolutely design exclusively for your brand.  

Our Approach

Analyze strategies 

We understand your business, services, target audience, and your goals.  Identify the perfect lead, the right information, and defining what the leads mean, and how you sell to them. 

Campaign Designs

Our experts create the right theme keeping your brand and offerings at the forefront.  We decide on sponsorships, incentives, and look for any affiliation opportunities with complementary brands. 

Multichannel approach

Proven marketing channels such as social, search, mobile, display, email, and content marketing generate healthy leads. Helps create brand awareness across all channels.

Compelling landing page

All leads and CTAs direct to the landing pages. It must be neat, attractive, and responsive. We assist in optimizing your landing page that is consistent with your brand.

Lead qualification

it is only when a visitor completes the information, we validate the leads. Removing the incomplete submissions and duplicates before submission ensures genuine traffic. 


The leads delivery is by real-time connectivity to your CRM, or the other formats such as Email, Excel, etc. 

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.