Information Technology

Information technology services is a crucial necessity in today’s digital world. The industry provides the resources, services, and support to enable users to work with better agility and security.  

There is a huge list of services that you can include. However, the needs vary from one client to another. Identifying and reaching out to them is the key to turning visitors to customers. Fast response to customer queries and designing a custom package for their demands gain your brand an edge over competitors. 

Capital Lead can guide you through the sales funnel process and help you reach the right people. We have the expertise in building B2B lead generation strategies that will work for your business. 

We are an Inbound digital marketing company with a team of professionals who carry years of experience in lead generation. Our experts have the ability to generate qualified leads that have strong conversion tendencies. 

We help you connect with buyers who are actively searching for products & services like yours.  

The Approach

Highly qualified leads

We help find leads who are searching for businesses like yours and have taken a decision to make a purchase. With our leads, you can connect directly to decision makers and expect a quick boost to your sales.

Content syndication

We have a huge database that includes decision makers and influencers in all capacities. We reach the target audience (TOFU) from there using your content. We create a short questionnaire to narrow down the organic leads. 

Nurtured leads

We then touch the leads (MOFU) via emails with the opt-out option to receive more content. These audiences are the ones who qualify in the TOFU offer. This is a feasible option for small businesses that do not have sales development representatives (SDR). 

BANT leads

Our BANT (Budget, Authority, Needs, Timings) discovery leads come with all the answers that qualify to take the buying decision. We target global audience to give your sales a boost. 

Call notes

Analyze and follow the conversations your audience engage in. You will understand their needs better. Feed the conversation to your sales team to follow up. We record all the talks which allow your sales to know what the customer requires and provide a solution that would help conversions. 

Account-based marketing

Target specific-clients with content that suits their requirements. It is effective and the B2B marketers find it very useful. We help identify the accounts that hold the highest value as clients, define the exact target individuals. You engage with a fully customized communication for them to take the final step.

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